by Caïnan Dawn

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released February 7, 2011

Heruforod - Guitar, Howling
Sorghal - Guitar
Keithan - Bass
Hljodr - Drum



all rights reserved


Caïnan Dawn Chambéry, France

Occult Black Metal

Heruforod : Guitar, Howling
Avgruun : Guitar
Keithan : Bass
Kloct : Drum

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Track Name: Masticatione Mortuorum
Hide this face
We have lost our trace
Psychological misery, anymore
The search of beings to perceive a code
Can't escape from this pitiful hate

Vultures of Chaos flew to human dust
Hatred by a ravishing sign of lies
Colouring our soul with tools

Eat your brains, to the disgust of this fucking life!!!

Undress the skin
to show death
To preserve darkness
and kill the fight
Feed this corpse
to realize the price
Of the debt
by the ebbing of light

Clinging unto the forest, our mind
Leaves behind the forgotten time

The rise of civilizations, darkness below
Here to take the blood of Nazarene

Masticatione Mortuorum!!!

Inside, the shade purges lust
Vanquished by desire, succumb to death
Grip the wings of Dianum
Eman Etan, Give your soul to Satan

The rising fullmoon swept life away
Track Name: Forsaken
When the wind blew from the north, it foretold anient battles
Birth of a forgotten land, where duuran sleeps

On the old grounds, the shade is careful
The torment which forsook mortals will soon arise

The world came to its end
From afar the praises of victory are sung

From chaos came magic, unto this world
Coming from ancient gods, created by the void

The Blood mixed with the entities of this world
The snake will bite its own tail
At the feet of a cold throne

Nobody is present, death is close

We've fallen into despair, and the war will be bloody
A handful will escape, baleful souls,

When the wind blew from the north, it foretold anient battles
Where duuran sleeps
Track Name: The Advent
I have been in the past, the journey was long
Ancient power in your arms, from a far aeon
All your existence has been the search of thee
Thus the depths of your heart have been revealed
Through time!!!

I roam with your soul, I've learnt to know you
This is your disease, this is your release

Everything begins to die!!!

Through the black curtains of life
I will bring all your fears
Your future path will be mine
Forever without tears

On the depraved sign
You are mine
Cursed by every loss
My will is to make you fall into oblivion

The chrysalis that was is no longer
The reappearance of your voice is heard
A new deal of terror, forever!!!
Proclaim the advent of your soul

Through the dark, from the forest trees, through the arcane
The Art of an occult being, has been the shadows of a bane
Track Name: Deep Hollow
In the olden times, a hatred lurked in the dust
The blood of this somber day came from afar
When the nights were filled with songs and torches
Soon a noxious birth began !

Spread the awestruck word, insane, insane!
Wild beasts followed, hand in hand !

Then came terror
Screaming with the lambs
Unlighted sin, beyond time

Here’s the sign awaited !

For far too long you've been asleep
For far too long they reigned
Come to me, you, creatures of the night
Slowly see, the lake of flames

Chaos and chaos, the war is ablaze
Repeat your time

Then came terror
Screaming with the lambs
Unlighted sin, beyond life
Track Name: Heroes Of Old
Black, are the dreams from elsewhere, those who tell the stories of yore!
When the world was in an another age, mankind has seen the change coming!
Come by several, flying down to Earth, fear has been felt.
Seducing spirits who came to create a new order on this fertile ground.
Thee who came from the stars, Guided by lucifer's light!
Enslaving a species most relevant to mate with it, in order to give birth to the mighty men, heroes of old!
They embrace the powerful strength of the gods
Those who, thereafter, created a world of ashes
Oh great Nephilim, hellish behemoths!
You will prevail over all mortals
Spirits of demons embodied
You have wreaked unmitigated havoc
unstoppable evil, the warfare between you and mankind has come
Everlasting chains of darkness
No one could save you from this
Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire
Your time has been done, to another era

But your existence is not yet doomed to death
Soon, you will reign again
When Nibiru returns
Track Name: Edge Of Ziggurat
Rules and laws, the true and last decay of this world
Through pain, the past and the future will die

The Choice of one, the last brim to reach your perdition
Only the blood of death will be for you, Nazarene
Vanquished By an army, the Last eagle to see

The Last eagle in the sky
The doubt of your future will soon begin
By the night and cults of your emptiness

Never the winter, poisonning the lure of your fall

Sacred from the altar to the perversion of life
Frightened by the reaper and now ready for decapitation

Only The Blood Of Death Is For You
Negation of opposition, the last brim to reach you, damned!
With a sumptuous crown, to the edge of a Ziggurat
Near the kingdom of heroes, Your Temple

In the end of what the earth spewed
The Horses of obscurity tried to invert time
Sacred from the altar to the perversion of life
Frightened by the reaper and now ready for decapitation
Track Name: By My Oath (Bound To Darkness)
Wandering through my infinite stronghold
Floating through emptiness, so cold

The fog thickened
Infinite sorrow
The glimmer draws to an end

May my will be done

By the knowledge of the abysmal space
From the might of the entity
By my oath, bound to darkness
In order fall into insanity

I'm dying in this carnal envelope
The Bleeding of this being to the death
This is my last invocation, my last hunt
To complete the transformation


May my will be done!